Brand Concept & Positioning

When it seems there’s a restaurant on every corner, your brand concept and positioning is paramount to your successful longevity.

When you become our culinary client, we focus first and foremost on your brand concept. A brand isn’t just about a logo. It’s not about a tagline or a catchy slogan. It’s about how you choose to tell your story, from signage to interior wall coverings, and from culinary concept to cocktail innovation.

In our initial Brand Concept and Positioning Exercise, we help you define your entity through a 4-part process. In the end, Brand Concept and Positioning creates clarity and consigned agreement in your ranks. It parlays your story – concisely and passionately – to the world, achieving City Council nods of approval, media and food critic buy-in, and an eager audience of diners.

When Brand Concept is determined first, you not only create a blueprint guideline but an immediate forward movement that rolls into everything you create for your restaurant. This is the foundation where it all begins.

We help you clarify your brand by exploring:

  • Core Products & Services
  • Menu Concept
  • Target Customer Criteria
  • Unique Selling Propositions
  • Value Proposition
  • Brand Personality (humanization of the brand)
  • Marketing Recommended Best Practices
  • Completion of Logo Packaging
  • Completion of Brand Concept & Positioning Report

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