Our Whisper Campaign Creates a Very Loud Buzz

Create positive buzz from the beginning for long-lasting and exponential viral exposure.
For nearly three decades, we’ve devised innovative marketing techniques to pre-sell events, from worldwide movie releases to 50,000-person conventions and 300-person restaurant celebrations. Long ago, we learned that a “whisper campaign” even before the planned season of pre-event selling was key to enticing, engaging and creating a guaranteed sell-out buzz.

At Global Culinary Group, we’ve developed a strategic Pre-Opening/Whisper Campaign approach that generally covers a 6-8 week timeframe prior to your opening, anniversary or other special dining event. This is a multi-spoked marketing hub of activity that includes:

  • Professional photography and videography geared to the event’s theme
  • Timed P.R. pieces created and disseminated to GCG’s exclusive media and concierge lists
  • Articles for local and regional magazines and blogs
  • Set up of several social media platforms in your behalf
  • Daily text, photography and video postings in social media
  • Negotiated media buys for local and regional print, online and more
  • Creation and design of all print and online ads
  • Website creation and/or additions of your event

Pre-Opening Events

Global Culinary Group also creates, manages and oversees Soft Open Events as well as Media/Concierge Events, which includes:

  • Determining your initial guest list and sending invitations
  • Organizing the event with your restaurant personnel
  • Filming and socializing on platforms during the event
  • Following up with every attendee for viral publicity

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