From Tweaks to Triage …

When things aren’t going well for your restaurant, or when you’re focused on improving restaurant profits even further, Global Culinary Group’s consultants can quickly improve your world.

From front-of-house to back-of-house, we perform sweeping reviews and provide Recommendations Reports that suggest solutions and provide the GCG “triage” team for immediate fixes.

QUICK, IMMEDIATE SHIFTS: In many cases, our clients hire us as a “secret shopper” to recommend solutions that make business rosier and immediately begin improving restaurant profits.
STOP the STRUGGLE: In situations of struggle, we might find that, to right the boat and send it sailing forward, you require a solution as minor as pricing and menu adjustments or a change in one, single person.
WHEN IT FEELS LIKE YOU’RE SINKING: Or, when “triage” might be required, we plunge into market and demographic reviews, revenue growth assessments or in-depth financial reviews to address core operational issues that have anchored you in a place you don’t want to be.

Improving Restaurant Profits: New Paths, New Freedom

Contact Global Culinary Group for:

  • Secret Shopper Assessment
  • Business Plan Review
  • Target Customer Demographics
  • Leadership Training
  • Menu Analysis
  • Purchasing Analysis
  • Marketing & Website Analysis
  • Current Revenue Assessment & Recommendations
  • Management & Personnel Reviews
  • Service Assessments
  • Service Training